Terms and conditions

  1. Members are required to link their Shukran account with Careem app to earn Shukrans on each eligible journey. Retrospective claims are not allowed.
  2. Members are responsible for entering a valid 16-digit Shukran membership number. In case an invalid Shukran membership number is entered, Shukrans will not be credited into the Shukran account.
  3. An eligible journey means a trip for which Careem receives payment through cash or credit card*. Eligible journeys exclude trips where a member is paying for the journey with Careem credit.
  4. Shukrans will be earned on eligible journeys made in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar & UAE. The same is based on the current earning rates agreed by Shukran Rewards Programme and Careem.
  5. Members can only have one active loyalty account in Careem. To ensure earning Shukrans for all eligible journeys, Shukran Rewards must always remain ‘Active’ on Careem app.
  6. For all eligible journeys, Shukrans will be credited on real time basis.
  7. All Shukrans earned from Careem are valid for 24 months. All unused Shukrans over 24 months will expire and cannot be credited back in your Shukran account.
  8. Members can redeem all earned Shukrans by visiting any of Shukran partner outlets. The same can be redeemed across Landmark online stores in Bahrain, KSA & UAE.
  9. By linking the Shukran account with Careem to earn Shukrans, members automatically provide acceptance of the Shukran & Careem partnership along with its rules, terms and conditions, which are subject to amendment from time to time.
  10. Shukran Rewards Programme and Careem are not be liable for any unlawful or misuse of the Shukran Membership Card or account, and it is the members responsibility to ensure that the Shukran Membership Card/number is kept in a safe and secure location at all times.
  11. Shukran Rewards Programme and Careem reserves the right to adjust the number of Shukrans accrued if the same were accrued as a result of error or misrepresentation, negligence, system malfunction or for any other reason resulting in the Shukrans being invalidly accrued.